Episode #5: The Millennial Republican Response to Biden’s Inaugural

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For the first episode under a Biden Administration, Jacob and Eric open the show by dunking on the hilarious ratio’ing of every single video on the White House YouTube channel, then discuss some of Biden’s most disastrous executive orders and the backlash he is already facing for them. They then dive into Biden’s inauguration speech, giving play-by-play reaction to some of the key points, as well as responding to Amanda Gorman’s anti-American slam poem given after the speech.

00:00 Intro

00:30 Riffing on YouTube and Social Media Plug

02:30 President Biden’s YouTube Woes

05:24 Biden chooses climate doomers over union workers.

Featured Topic: Response to Biden Inaugural

18:47 Senator Klobuchar’s Temple of Democracy

21:33 Biden’s Address

01:07:14 Response to Amanda Gorman

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