Episode #16: Roots and Consequences of Public Health Critical Race Theory

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Jacob and Eric open the episode by reacting to the stunning news that the FDA and CDC formally recommended a complete halt of distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after news has broken of a severe blood clot condition developing in at least six people who took the vaccine. They then roast Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors for purchasing her fourth luxury home in four years; she now owns three residences in California and one in Georgia, including one in an 80% White neighborhood and another with its own private hangar and private runway, which only further proves that the BLM movement is nothing more than grand-standing for leftist grifters. For the main topic, they discuss the news that a Boston-area hospital is planning to give preferential treatment to black patients over all other races, a potentially deadly form of Critical Race Theory that has now infiltrated the medical profession. Jacob dives into the roots of this particular mindset with a journal article from 2002 by Clark Atlanta University’s Camara Phyllis Jones, who was arguing for such conditions well over a decade before Black Lives Matter even existed.

00:00 Intro

00:30 Johnson & Johnson Fail

08:50 Oppression Pays…Bread, Lincolns, and Moolah (BLM)

18:46 Main Topic: Real World Consequences of BLM

19:00 Discriminating Medically for Equity

33:43 Where Did All This Come From and how long has it been going on? A Look at “Confronting Institutionalized Racism” (2002) by Camara Phyllis Jones in Clark Atlanta University’s Phylon

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