Episode #24: The Roots of AOC’s Rage

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Jacob and Eric discuss the latest on the immigration crisis, from Kamala Harris’s press conference in Guatemala to an encouraging 9-0 ruling from the Supreme Court against illegal aliens, determining that immigrants with “temporary protected status” are not eligible for green cards. After reacting to an absurd video from the professional pedophiles at The Lincoln Project directly comparing World War II soldiers to the modern-day terrorist group Antifa, they explain how the frequent misinterpretation of World War II as a purely anti-fascist crusade is objectively false. For the main topic, they do a deep dive into the true beliefs and motivations that drive one of the most frequent punching bags of the Right: Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They debunk some of the biggest misunderstandings about her ideas, explain the effectiveness of some of her tactics, and how she represents the future of the Left in America.

00:00 Intro and shoutout to The Troy Show
03:00 Border Crisis: VP Kamala Harris visits one Central American country…but skips the US border
13:32: All hope is not lost with SCOTUS
18:45 The Lincoln Project goes full Antifa in its interpretation of World War II
23:15 So…what is the correct interpretation of WWII? Why did we fight?

Main Topic: The Roots of AOC’s Rage
29:03 Why is AOC the Right’s Enemy #1?
33:14 The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh tries to prank AOC by…giving her money?
45:30 Is AOC a Manchurian Marxist? Is she even a socialist?
53:45 Is AOC just a Manchurian Green Party candidate?
55:46 Why is AOC obsessed with imperialism and colonialism, and how does this tie into climate change?
01:07:07 Is AOC’s rage philosophical or personal?

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