Episode #25: Interview with National File’s Tom Pappert

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This week, Tom Pappert joins The Right Take guys. Pappert is Editor-in-Chief of National File, the outlet that broke the story of North Carolina senatorial candidate Cal Cunningham’s affair last fall — which sank Cunningham’s candidacy and saved the Senate from total Democratic control. They discuss the shortfalls of right-wing media, including Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire; the absolute totalitarian state of West Point under Biden; who’s actually running America right now; and more.

00:00 Intro
02:28 Pappert gives origin story of National File
04:10 Adultery in politics
09:18 Zuckerberg shadow-BOOSTING Ben Shapiro?
28:50 The shortcomings of conservative media
42:26 The broader picture: Where are we headed in the short term?
01:05:26 What’s going on at West Point? Get vaxxed or face solitary confinement?
01:17:30 Pappert weighs in on who is actually running the White House.


National File: https://nationalfile.com/

Support National File: https://support.nationalfile.com/donate

Ben Shapiro “shadow-boosted” by Facebook: https://nationalfile.com/shapiro-consistently-gets-highest-engagement-on-facebook-following-reports-zuckerberg-shadow-boosts-him/

West Point forces cadets into solitary confinement for not getting vaccine: https://nationalfile.com/exclusive-bidens-military-puts-west-point-cadets-in-solitary-confinement-if-they-refuse-covid-vaccine/

Mike Pence plotted to usurp Trump as the 2016 nominee: https://nationalfile.com/original-sin-mike-pence-wanted-to-backstab-trump-become-republican-nominee-in-2016/

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