Episode #30: Interview with Virginia House of Delegates Candidate Tim Kilcullen

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In this episode, Jacob and Eric discuss Secretary of State Blinken’s appeal to the UN to judge America for its racism and why running on fiscal conservatism won’t work for Virginia Republicans. For the main topic, they interview Timothy Kilcullen, the Republican candidate for Virginia House District 49, where Amazon’s new HQ2 will be located.

00:00 Intro – Biden and Blinken vow to unleash the UN on the U.S.
12:14 Virginia Democrats are not as fiscally irresponsible as the GOP would like to think
Main Topic: Interview with House of Delegates candidate Tim Kilcullen
18:49 Why Tim is running
19:55 Tim’s vow to fight Amazon
23:00 Tim’s response to economic arguments in favor of Amazon
28:33 Fighting future lockdowns to protect small businesses
32:43 Banning vaccine passports
33:36 Some examples of how the Virginia Democrats have gone further left
36:46 How Amazon is pushing for Critical Race Theory
43:13 Some ways to fight back against Amazon


Support Tim’s run for the House of Delegates: https://www.kilcullenforvirginia.com/

Biden invites the U.N. to investigate the United States for “racism:” https://townhall.com/tipsheet/spencerbrown/2021/07/14/biden-invites-united-nations-to-investigate-americas-systemic-racism-n2592540

On Democrats’ watch, Virginia reaches a budget surplus: https://richmond.com/news/state-and-regional/govt-and-politics/as-economy-recovers-virginia-revenue-surplus-reaches-2-6-billion/article_7fdc4844-1a07-5f47-8654-1f402a7e58f5.html

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