Episode #37: Remembering 9/11 After 20 Years

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Reflecting on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Eric and Jacob tell their respective stories of where they were on that fateful day two decades ago. They then discuss how the Taliban is already clearing Afghanistan’s streets of American graffiti depicting left-wing propaganda, such as Black Lives Matter and other far-left causes, which is not only further proof of America’s humiliation in the region, but indicative of how swiftly the last 20 years have already been undone by the Taliban. For the main topic, they then focus on how the ongoing immigration crisis – both at the Southern border and now with the Afghan refugee crisis – is making America just as unsafe as it was 20 years ago.


00:00 Intro and 9/11 Tribute
11:23 Taliban cleans its streets of American graffiti
22:29 Main Topic: The Democratic Party’s Kryptonite
23:54 New York Times article reveals why Biden administration thankful for SCOTUS decision on Remain in Mexico policy
33:26 What many conservatives get wrong about Americans who don’t work and immigrants who do
36:32 When liberal immigration ideals clash with liberal immigration outcomes
50:37 Another thing many conservatives get wrong about Americans who don’t work and immigrants who do
52:45 The lesson conservatives should take from liberals’ being backed into a corner on immigration


Taliban paints over George Floyd mural in Afghanistan: https://nationalfile.com/taliban-paints-over-george-floyd-mural-in-kabul-replaces-it-with-taliban-flag/

The New York Times says the SCOTUS ruling on “Remain in Mexico” is a political lifeline for Biden: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/06/world/americas/mexico-migrants-asylum-border.html

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