Episode #56: Why They Fear January 6th

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For this special episode of The Right Take, we’re re-posting Eric’s speech from the annual convention of the California Republican Assembly in Orange County, California. As the keynote speaker for the weekend convention’s Friday night dinner, Eric talks about the events leading up to January 6th, the kind of people who made up the majority of the protesters, why they were justified in their actions that day, and why our ruling class is so terrified of the events of that day.


The article at American Greatness that got Eric invited to speak for the CRA: ​​https://www.realclearpolicy.com/2022/01/03/of_reichstags_and_bastilles_810215.html

Details on the other speakers at this year’s CRA convention: https://cragop.org/2022/03/15/california-republican-assembly-2022-annual-convention/


Well thank you all so much for inviting me out here, it’s truly an honor. I gotta say, when my co-host Jacob first told me I had received a speaking invitation, I almost didn’t believe him; but because his sense of humor is much drier than that, I knew that he couldn’t possibly be joking. So here I am.

I never thought I’d be back in California, to be honest with you, for any reason other than visiting my family for the holidays. I’ll admit, I do still miss those rolling fields of the San Joaquin Valley, driving around and seeing all the dairies; I was born there, raised there, spent my entire life there, so frankly, I got used to the smell, and the bad air quality, and the constant dry heat. I guess you could say I developed a natural immunity to those things, no vaccines or masks required!

But of course, I realized soon enough that if I was to have any future in conservative politics, unfortunately, there’s just not a lot of that here in the ex-Golden State. So I left for pastures that are definitely not greener in the literal sense, but still allowed me to help spread the important message of what the Right should be doing right now, in the fight to save this country we love.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today. When Rick followed up with another email explaining that he specifically wanted me to speak about January 6th, based on a commentary piece that I had just written for American Greatness, I cracked the metaphorical knuckles and was like “oh boy, here we go. Let’s do this.”

So for those of you who don’t know, my article is titled “Of Reichstags and Bastilles.” Truth be told, I actually sat on that one for a while, a few months, as I contemplated the weight of what I was saying there. I’ve written some pretty spicy things in the past, but none as provocative as this one. And that’s the point. And I’m grateful to my editors at American Greatness for allowing it to be published. They do fantastic work there, and I especially want to give a shoutout to Julie Kelly, who has done God’s work in reporting the truth about January 6th, the injustice those prisoners have faced, the truth about how the protesters were treated that day, talking to families of the real victims, and so on. Check out her work, she’s incredible.

I call it “Reichstags and Bastilles” because we live in a society where politicians love to evoke historical imagery now, more than ever before. January 6th is case-in-point. We’ve all heard how many times the Democrats, from Biden to Kamala to Pelosi, have used the most absurd language imaginable to describe January 6th. Kamala dared to compare it to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 – two separate events that resulted in the loss of nearly 3,000 lives each – and claimed it would be just as “infamous.”

Biden has repeatedly said that he considers January 6th to be literally the worst thing to have happened to our country since the Civil War; and, in a moment of self-awareness, he even said during one speech, and I quote, “that’s not hyperbole.” He admitted that he wasn’t exaggerating, it wasn’t another one of his endless gaffes in the making, he was serious. He believes it. They all do. They’re not just trying to fundraise or rally up the base, they believe that those protesters were terrorists on par with Al-Qaeda, or enemy combatants like Imperial Japan.

So why are they doing this? Why do they keep saying these things, these outright lies that disgrace the memories of those who died on December 7th, 1941, and September 11th, 2001? Well of course, they say it because they want to use it as a pretense to sic the entirety of the federal government on regular, law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens whose only crime was voting for Donald Trump. But it’s so much more than that.

It’s because, in the long-term, January 6th was indeed a very significant and historic day for our country. It was easily the biggest political earthquake in our nation since President Trump’s election on November 8th, 2016. And that’s because January 6th, frankly, was not just about a stolen election. Yes, that was a huge factor and the primary motivation, but it was so much more than that. It was truly the culmination, the inevitable outcome, of a long train of abuses and usurpations that have been perpetrated against us by the Swamp for as long as we can remember.

The Swamp includes our political elite, the media class, the federal bureaucracy, academia, Hollywood, Wall Street and big corporations, and international organizations and lobbyists. What all of these groups have in common is that they want to put America Last, plain and simple. And for that reason, they all work together in any way they can. I’ll come back to this point later.

First, I want to cover the prelude to January 6th.

These problems have been brewing for years, but 2020 was a perfect summation of everything the elite has been doing to us. First, of course, you had the coronavirus. In what can easily be described as the single greatest overreaction in human history, the political class brought our entire world to a grinding halt. They demanded, forced it upon us, that we shut down our lives. We stop going to work, and stop making money to provide for ourselves and our families, and also that our children would stop going to school, and that all of us put a halt to our social lives. No more graduations, no more proms, no more weddings, no family gatherings for the holidays; countless Americans were kept apart when we most needed each other, and some would never get to see their loved ones ever again.

They took our lives away from us in all but the physical sense, and are continuing their efforts to do so two years later. But they themselves are allowed to continue living their lives, going maskless to fancy restaurants and gathering with their families while the rest of us suffer. And not only that, but they enriched themselves! Remember, several members of Congress, from both parties, engaged in insider trading after receiving a classified briefing on the coming threat of the coronavirus in early 2020, selling off a bunch of stocks when they realized that the market was about to crash. Among them were Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat, and Kelly Loeffler, a Republican. This, again, is a bipartisan problem: They will go out of their way to earn more money off of our suffering, and expect to just get away with it.

And all this, of course, over a disease that is nothing more than a mild Chinese knockoff of the flu, with a 0.02% mortality rate. It has taken almost 6 million lives globally in two years. The Spanish Flu over 100 years ago claimed up to 50 million lives in the same amount of time, and that was with a much smaller global population than we have now. Do the math, it doesn’t even remotely compare. But over this, they demanded that we shut everything down, and then they have the audacity to claim, in all their self-righteous motivational ads and speeches, that “oh, we’re all coming back from this virus, we can rebuild together.” No! We’re not “coming back” from the virus, we’re coming back from an arbitrary and artificial crisis of THEIR making! THEY crashed the economy, they shut down our schools, and yet they’re acting like the virus itself was what shut all of this down?

The only thing worse than that is how far they went to absolutely demonize everyone and anyone who dared to dissent. If you aren’t lined up like cattle waiting for your sixth vaccine and 17th booster shot, you’re a danger to society. Just look at some of the examples: Former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said that unvaccinated people should be denied the right to work and should not be allowed access to children. The former president of Planned Parenthood Leana Wen, who decided to upgrade from being in the company of baby-butcherers to instead being in the company of pedophiles by becoming a CNN contributor, said that life “needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated.” And of course, Joe Biden declared that people who raise legitimate questions about vaccines and their side effects are “killing people” with “misinformation.”

And I’m sure you all heard about that lovely little column from that rag formerly known as the Los Angeles Times, where columnist Michael Hiltzik wrote that it’s “necessary” to make fun of vaccine skeptics who die of the coronavirus. The original title was even worse, by the way, which you can clearly see in the article’s permanent URL: “Why shouldn’t we dance on the graves of anti-vaxxers?”

And when people like Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to warn us, correctly pointing out that these mandates are already becoming eerily similar to what Nazi Germany was doing, the media went absolutely berserk and called her an anti-Semite, somehow. Meanwhile, Australia is literally setting up “decontamination tents” in front of private homes, with the military deployed to make sure none of these good little subjects try to escape or, you know, do things that free people usually do.

That arrogance of the ruling class on COVID was only surpassed by their handling of the race riots that marred the second half of 2020. So you have a career criminal who liked to point guns at the stomachs of pregnant women getting arrested after it turns out he’s clearly under the influence, and acting erratically. The guy is clearly out of his mind; you can see in the bodycam footage that even when he’s just sitting in the back of the cruiser, with nobody touching him, he’s still screaming “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!” It’s almost like he knew what he was doing; he knew to pretend that he was a victim so he could draw a crowd. And, unfortunately, he did.

Before getting arrested, he downed all the fentanyl that he had on him because he didn’t want an additional drug charge. So then, surprise, he dies of a fentanyl overdose while in their custody; the official autopsy confirms this. He died of a fentanyl overdose, fact. George Floyd was not murdered, period. But nevertheless, insidious domestic forces determined to start mass race riots in America, in order to undermine both the country and the presidency of Donald Trump, promoted the video and used it to deliberately spark outrage all across the country.

Over the course of that summer, we saw well over $2 billion in damages, over 2,000 people injured, hundreds of businesses completely destroyed, and at least 25 civilians murdered in the streets by rioters. Entire cities were burned to the ground overnight, police precincts demolished, courthouses attacked, it was unlike anything we had seen since the race riots of the 1960s.

And the culprits were indeed the most radical domestic political actors we have seen in this country since the Civil War: Black nationalists like Black Lives Matter, and Anarcho-Communists like Antifa. These are the real domestic terrorists in America today. At the core of their truly evil ideology is the hatred of America, and we saw it in the war on our statues. It wasn’t just members of the Confederacy, although those statues absolutely have a right to remain standing, but that’s a topic for another day. We saw the destruction and vandalism of statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, among other Founding Fathers, as well as Abraham Lincoln. Schools removed the Founders’ names from their campuses.

But, as some would say about Watergate: It wasn’t even the crime that was the most egregious offense, it was the coverup. Our elite lied about the motive of these riots: Claiming that they were simply righteous “racial justice” protests, in opposition to “systemic racism,” which, of course, doesn’t exist. They then dared to lie directly to your faces by declaring that there were no riots. These were occasionally “fiery, but mostly peaceful” protests, according to CNN. One reporter from MSNBC literally stood in front of a burning building declaring that the protests “weren’t unruly.

And when it came to justifying this in the midst of the coronavirus, they managed to convince you that they could eat their cake and have it too. When it was rightfully pointed out that these mass gatherings could be “super-spreader events” – you know, the same term they used to shut down President Trump’s rallies – I kid you not, a group of over 1,000 “health care experts” signed an open letter declaring, “Oh no, these are OK! You can go to a BLM protest and you won’t get COVID!” I’m not kidding, this was real, CNN reported on it: They explicitly stated that “racism” itself is a “public health crisis,” and thus going to these protests is safe, and in fact, the right thing to do. But in the exact same letter, they explicitly say “don’t go to anti-mask or anti-lockdown protests, those are bad. You will get sick there.” They even make sure to note that these protests are “predominantly White.” Now why say that? Why does it matter that they’re mostly White? It really does make you think, doesn’t it?

So the elite created a crisis, used it as an excuse to take all freedoms and livelihoods away from everybody except their foot-soldiers, who were allowed to rampage throughout the country, take over cities, murder and rape people, and destroy businesses as they pleased, all while either pretending that this wasn’t happening, or outright voicing their support for it. As we all know, the future Vice President of the United States posted a link on Twitter to a bail fund specifically meant to break out the Minneapolis rioters who had just burned down a police precinct. Make no mistake: THAT was an act of violent domestic terrorism, and a United States Senator who was running for President at the time was open about her financial support for them.

Throughout all of this, let us remember: Who was the one person doing the most to push back against these insane lockdowns and mandates? Who was the one person advocating for using the National Guard to crush the rioters, but was obstructed at every turn by Democratic governors and mayors? Who was the one person actually fighting on all of these fronts, fighting for us? Donald J. Trump.

So, naturally, the elite had to get rid of him, and they stole the election. You here in California know this, of course; I remember 2018 very well, when they first rolled out legalized ballot-harvesting and other schemes throughout the state as a sort of practice run for 2020. I lost both my congressman, David Valadao, and my state senator, Andy Vidak, to these practices. We all know it was stolen, because we saw it first here in the former Golden State.

And just like that, we have an election stolen from a true American patriot, in favor of a man who’s only going to accelerate this insanity and demolish the country so that he and his crackhead son can make even more money from foreign business connections. We knew back then that he was going to do everything he’s doing right now, and then some.

Which brings me, of course, to January 6th. After two previous marches for Trump in November and December, both of which I did attend, we had the third and final march. This was set to be the day that Congress would certify the fraudulent Electoral College count for Biden, and it was one day after we saw voter fraud strike again in Georgia, stealing at least one of those two Senate runoff races and ultimately giving complete control of the government back to the Democrats: the House, the Senate, and the White House.

So here we are: It’s a cold day in January as our elite is about to ceremoniously pat themselves on the back over retaking their government from a populist outsider who, crazy idea, simply wanted to represent the American people. They had just spent a year taking away our lives, allowed terrorists to destroy our cities and murder our people in the streets, and get away with it, and then they stole the election from the one man who could have stopped them.

So yeah, you’d better believe that those millions of patriots gathered in our nation’s capital that day were furious. They had every right to be furious, and when they finally came face-to-face with the physical embodiment of that corruption – our political elite preparing to certify a fraudulent election, to reward themselves for their last year of tyranny – those protesters had every right to do what they did.

Now for the second aspect of January 6th: The people who were there.I was actually there that day, for a while, before I had to go to work, and I spoke with some of the marchers. A group of older, working-class guys from Pennsylvania, a couple younger guys, younger than me, from Ohio, and others, who were all on the same page: We were about to go up against complete tyranny for the next four years, and they were just getting started.

But in the time I spent talking to my fellow marchers, I got to see for myself what has since been overwhelmingly confirmed by the media in profiling these so-called “insurrectionists.” They were predominantly working-class, blue-collar Americans. They primarily came from the Midwest, the South, and the mountain states, the areas often derogatorily referred to as “flyover country.” They weren’t from the coastal cities, and many of these people didn’t come from wealth. For many of them, paying the money for a round-trip to Washington D.C., plus hotel costs and other costs they’d incur over a couple of days around January 6th, would probably make a decent dent in the money they had to provide for themselves and their families.

But they came to D.C. anyway. They weren’t paid to fly out by foreign billionaires like Soros, as often happens whenever leftist marchers “spontaneously” gather in DC to protest against guns or to support abortion. They paid money out of their own pockets to come to the nation’s capital, a city that many of them had never even been to before, and probably would never come to otherwise, for one very simple reason: To show their support for a President that they loved, because that same President was fighting for them, and they saw that he was about to be removed from office.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a truly organic, grassroots movement. No amount of money or non-profit backing can fake that kind of enthusiasm, that undying, unapologetic passion for one man, and for the values he represented, and still represents. Millions of Americans came out not once, not twice, but three times in support of President Trump; those are numbers that would rival any presidential inauguration, and certainly outnumber the Women’s March.

And let me tell you the most important part, for me, about each of those three days prior to the actual marches. It was getting on the Metro before work, when there were entire crowds of these patriots in every station, filling up every car. They all wore their MAGA hats, they had their American flags, none of them were wearing masks; it was truly the most beautiful and most colorful those stations have ever looked, I can assure you. It was so glorious to see, for just three days, that real Americans, working-class Americans, Americans from God’s Country, came to that disgusting city that is our nation’s capital, and outnumbered the bureaucrats, lobbyists, consultants, military contractors, congressional staffers, and other Swamp rats that normally infest the place.

The best part, for me, was getting on those Metros and looking around to see where the actual DC regulars were; members of the elite who had the misfortune of sharing a Metro with Trump supporters. And whenever I saw them, burying their faces in their phones or trying so hard to look away and be fascinated by the dark tunnels passing by outside the windows, I could see the visceral disgust on their faces. I could hear them silently saying, “ugh, how DARE these plebeians come to our city to support the Orange Man!” They were practically holding their breath, they couldn’t stand sharing oxygen with people who dared to vote for a man like Donald Trump. But of course, they didn’t dare say anything, because for once in their empty lives, they were completely outnumbered.

Believe me, the elites saw that. They saw the millions of patriots who were willing to come to a city like DC and show an undying level of support for a sitting President, the likes of which our country has never seen before in modern history; not for Reagan, not for Kennedy, not even for FDR. The elites understood that before even the first march, back in November, was over.

They saw the incredible staying power of the Trump movement, and knew that his widespread support, that undying enthusiasm, was not just going to go away anytime soon. They had to crush it, by any means necessary. So following the events of that day, they immediately began targeting those people, preying upon what could be called naivety, in the sense that these people had, by and large, never before had to deal with federal law enforcement. Remember, these are overwhelmingly good people who have never had criminal records before, and certainly not at the federal level.

When it wasn’t cases of the feds literally bashing in doors and throwing flash grenades in the middle of the night – as documented in such instances as Nick Searcy’s movie “Capitol Punishment,” Tucker Carlson’s documentary “Patriot Purge,” and others – it was feds interrogating the protesters under the guise of just “seeking information.” They would frame it as “Oh, you’re not in any trouble, we just need some help.” Many of them, of course coming from a stance of “Back the Blue,” support our law enforcement, eagerly agreed to cooperate with them, not even thinking to ask for a lawyer to be present, since they didn’t know that what they were actually doing was seeking to entrap them by getting them to admit to their “crimes.”

Even more repulsive is the fact that the overwhelming majority of the crowd had no criminal histories whatsoever. And yet, because they dared to protest in the elite’s castle, they are now being sentenced as if they were domestic terrorists. Some of the victims, including Paul Hodgkins and Anna Morgan-Lloyd, were sentenced, as part of their punishments, to publicly declare that Biden is the legitimate president, that the election wasn’t stolen, and that their beliefs were wrong.

And Jake Angeli, the guy who wore the horn helmet, currently has the worst sentence of all of them – 41 months in the slammer – because he specifically was targeted by prosecutors, who recommended he serve 51 months in prison. Their reasoning was, and I quote, “he became a symbol of what happened that day.” Not because he assaulted anybody, not because he damaged any property; no, if you simply come to be recognized as a “symbol” of what happened, that means your crimes are the worst. This is truly some Soviet-level stuff we’re seeing, in a so-called “free country.”

Even worse than that are the handful of January 6th protesters who have already been sentenced to death by their government. You probably haven’t heard of them, and again, that’s because the media won’t let you hear about them. But it’s true; at least two protesters have been executed by the government since January 6th, though not by lethal injection or electric chair. Their names are Christopher Stanton Georgia and Matthew Perna. These men, who did nothing wrong on January 6th and were non-violent, were so torn apart, were so broken down as human beings by the government’s nonstop efforts to crush their spirits and destroy their lives, that they were both driven to suicide. Make no mistake: These brave men did not kill themselves. They fought to the very end. The government killed them.

Again, most of the protesters had no criminal histories. Quite a few of them were veterans, not the least of which was the late Ashli Babbitt, who served 14 years in the Air Force. She swore an oath to defend her country at all costs, and ultimately, she did end up giving her life to protect this nation. For her sacrifice, she was refused a military burial, and has since been slandered as “a dead insurrectionist” and a “conspiracy theorist,” with the most evil, vile unspoken words about her just dripping from the venomous tongues of many a serpent in the fake news media: “Oh, she got what she deserved.”

The Left’s attempts at profiling the January 6th patriots are obviously for the purpose of demonizing them, as if to throw up a great big marquee declaring “of course they did what they did! Look at what horrible people were there!”

Two of my favorites here, where the headlines speak for themselves: Inc.com says “Why did so many small-business owners storm the Capitol?” Gee, I wonder why; again, after a whole year of race riots where hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses were razed to the ground by animalistic mobs, and many business owners beaten in the streets for simply trying to defend their property, I can’t imagine why many small business owners would turn around and direct their rage at the biggest symbol of the ruling class that let such anarchy and chaos happen.

And the second, of course, from Salon: “Christian nationalism drove January 6th: Now it’s embraced the Big Lie, and wants to conquer America.” Ah yes, Christians, those horrible people; I love how it adds that Christians want to “conquer” America, as if this wasn’t already our land. It’s not like our nation was founded on Christian values or anything; it’s not like most of our Founding Fathers were Christians; it’s not like our Founding documents make frequent references to our Creator, with a capital C. All this really proves, of course, is that the Left feels it’s on the verge of finally separating America from its Christian roots, and thus they have to paint the Christians who want to reclaim our founding ideals as some kind of “nationalists” or “insurrectionists.” They’re not even hiding it anymore.

Before I move onto the third and final part of my speech, I have to take just a moment to acknowledge something. Yes, I am well aware of the theories going around that there were federal agents among the protesters, and other agitators who infiltrated the crowd, like Antifa and Black Lives Matter disguised as Trump supporters in MAGA gear. I am certainly open to debate and discussion on that, and we know infiltration is a common tactic of both the far-left and the federal government – just look at the Gretchen Whitmer case.

But the fact remains that the majority of people who were protesting in DC that day, and yes, a majority of the people who were peacefully protesting at the Capitol, were Trump supporters; they were American patriots, they were small business owners, they were veterans, they were blue-collar working class citizens, they were taxpayers, and they were good people. That, of course, is exactly why the Left is bringing down fire and brimstone on these people with no end in sight. To our elite ruling class, those people – people like you and I – are barely even human beings; we’re more like aliens to them, hence the frequent attempts to “other” us. We are now ruled by a class that sees their own constituents as subhuman.

And that leads me to the third and final part of my speech. We’ve covered the prelude, the events leading up to January 6th and why it happened, and we’ve covered the people who were there, and are now being targeted. So now, let this be the takeaway message. Why they’re really so intent on propping up the events of that day as the second coming of the Civil War, the worst terrorist attack in our history, and why everyone involved must be burned at the stake.

In the long run, my friends, the elite doesn’t really care about the stolen election. They don’t care about the Chinese virus. They don’t care about so-called “racism.” All of these things are just a means to an end. What the ruling class cares so much about, now more than ever, is one word: Fear.

At the risk of sounding like a pretentious DC snob, I’m going to make this one obligatory reference to a political philosopher, arguably one of the greatest of all time: Niccolo Machiavelli. In his renowned work, “The Prince,” Chapter 17, he addresses the question of whether a leader should choose to be loved or to be feared by his people. He says, quote: “The answer is that one would like to be both the one and the other; but because it is difficult to combine them, it is far safer to be feared than loved if you cannot be both.”

The Left has tried to force everyone to love their figureheads, with limited success. They did manage to project a certain level of charisma and pseudo-likability onto Obama, as a young, “charming” black guy who could sing the blues if he wanted to, you know, all fun and games. But they failed miserably to make Hillary Clinton likable, and the best they could manage with Biden is that he wasn’t as hateable as Hillary. Whatever initial good grace Biden had after his election, this image as a strangely sympathetic dementia patient and grandpa who means well even if he can’t formulate straight words, that all vanished after the fall of Saigon – I mean, the fall of Afghanistan. Hard to tell the difference sometimes. He never recovered from that, and if Ukraine is any indication, he probably never will.

Even with the backing of every major institution, from Hollywood and Big Tech to the mainstream media and academia, all the Left’s men cannot put Biden back together again, from a PR standpoint. He will never be loved again. So their only option now is to make people fear him, and through him, fear the entirety of the Left. Hence, the unprecedented witch hunt that is targeting hundreds, if not thousands, of regular, law-abiding Americans, all for the crime of having different political opinions, with January 6th being the excuse.

This brings me to a perfect parallel with January 6th, something that, of course, had not happened yet when I was first invited to speak here and when I first started writing this speech. But since it has happened, I could not have asked God Himself to create a more perfect example of another January 6th-type event. And never, in a million years, could I have predicted that, from all people, it would come from our neighbors to the North.

The Canadian truckers. Here you have another grassroots protest movement, comparable to the Tea Party or the Yellow Vests movement, that is as organic as can be. There’s no billionaires funding this, there’s no hiring of professional agitators to go out and pretend to be truckers for a few days. This is real. THAT is a real protest. And, just like January 6th, it was not only a genuinely peaceful protest, but it was a protest against a very real grievance. It’s no conspiracy that they’re using vaccine mandates to rob us of our livelihoods, just as it’s no conspiracy that the 2020 election was stolen through mass, systematic, and institutional voter fraud.

With both January 6th and the Canadian truckers, the protests happened so fast that the elite in both cases had no idea how to even handle it. In both cases, the elites were forced to run for their lives at the very sight of peasants entering their sacred capital city. On January 6th, Democratic members of Congress were photographed literally hiding under their seats in terror; my favorite is of Pramila Jayapal, the chair of the House Progressive Caucus, crouched behind her desk with her eyes quite literally bugging out of her head in absolute fear. When the truckers first began their occupation of Ottawa on January 22nd of this year, Justin Trudeau literally fled the city; he packed up his family into his Prius, or Mini-Cooper, or electric car, or whatever gay vehicle he probably drives, and he skedaddled out of town, like a captain abandoning his ship first.

When he finally decided to come back, he went all out in trying to label them in any way he could, even if he was literally making things up to do so. He’s repeatedly claimed that Nazi flags have been waved by the protesters, even though there is not a single photo or video anywhere as proof of this. He calls them every “-ist” and “-phobe” in the book, he calls them “a fringe minority,” he calls their views “unacceptable,” and he says that the protests themselves are “illegal.” And, of course, one of their favorite words has been thrown around to describe the protests more than anything else: “Insurrectionists.” Then, Trudeau declared a national emergency and invoked powers to allow for mass arrests and the suspension of their civil rights. Sound familiar?

What happened in both cases is that, for a short period of time, the elites’ ego was completely and utterly shattered. The Democrats on January 6th, and Trudeau with the truckers, they were totally humiliated in front of the entire world by ordinary people. They’re never going to live that down, and that’s why the peasants have to pay for their crimes against our anointed leaders.

But here’s the key thing, particularly with regards to fear. It’s not just about the fact that our elite want to ensure that we, the people, are afraid of them…it’s about the fact that they never again want to face a scenario where they, the elite, are afraid of us. That’s what it’s all about, my friends. The elite was terrified of us on January 6th, and they’re terrified of us through the Canadian truckers.

The elite was never afraid of the race riots in 2020. They’re not afraid of Black Lives Matter, or Antifa, or even Occupy Wall Street back in the day. They weren’t afraid because those were foot-soldiers for their agenda, they were all on the same side. Let’s just look back at a handful of similar incidents perpetrated by the Left, which unfolded very similar to January 6th, but earned quite the opposite reception from the media. In June of 2020, shortly after George Floyd’s overdose, hundreds of protesters stormed the White House; they actually scaled the fences and assaulted dozens of Secret Service agents. Don’t remember this incident? That’s OK, because the media doesn’t remember it either; but they sure remember the fallout.

That was the incident where, as is standard security protocol, President Trump was escorted to the underground bunker for his own safety. Of course, the media’s takeaway wasn’t that the White House was literally attacked by domestic terrorists; it was that “Bunker Don” got scared by protesters. Remember that? “Orange Man with tiny hands fled to bunker! What a sissy!” Of course, I’m sure if the same thing were to happen tomorrow, and hundreds of protesters stormed the White House and forced Biden to be woken up from his nap to go down to the bunker, the media would be just as appalled as they were on January 6th.

Let’s go a little further back to another example, in 2018. Back during a little something called “The Kavanaugh Confirmation Process,” hundreds of protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol and staged a sit-in protest at the visitors’ center, and also stormed the offices of several members of the Judiciary Committee, including Chairman Chuck Grassley, where they remained for hours. Among the protesters who were arrested were celebrities, including Amy Schumer – who claims to be a comedian – and Emily Ratajkowski, a woman who is literally famous for just getting naked all the time. But they both posted to their verified social media accounts pictures of them with their fists raised, getting arrested “in solidarity” with their fellow women, or some such nonsense.

And they did it again; shortly after Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed, hundreds more of these drooling freaks tried to storm the Supreme Court. Remember the footage of them pounding furiously on those huge bronze doors in the front of the building? Now of course, they were so stupid that they didn’t even know that those doors are purely ceremonial and don’t even really open; but imagine if they did actually open. You think they would’ve just stopped there? Of course not; they had every intention of storming the Supreme Court too.

And one more example, just as icing on the cake real quick before I move on. Way back in ancient history, in the year 2011: Thousands of protesters, perhaps even more than on January 6th, stormed Wisconsin’s Capitol building in Madison, while lawmakers were in session conducting their usual business. They went all the way into the legislative chamber and disrupted the session. The protests lasted for four months, from February to June. And what was their grievance? Was an election stolen with overwhelming proof of voter fraud? Was there some big corruption scandal in the state government at the time? No; they stormed the capitol and occupied it for weeks…because they didn’t like Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union policies. They stormed the capitol over a policy disagreement.

And were they called insurrectionists, or terrorists, or traitors? Of course not. In fact, their protests directly led to political action that almost succeeded; the recall attempt against Walker just one year later. He, of course, did win re-election that year; but it just goes to show that mass protests absolutely can, and most likely, will lead to the side of the protests eventually translating that activism into direct political action.

On a little side note here, by the way: When I was doing my research for this speech, and was searching for stories summarizing those three examples of left-wing protests gone wrong, all of the top results in Google searches were not straightforward stories covering these incidents. They were “fact-checking” stories by the mainstream media “debunking” comparisons between these cases and January 6th. Funny how it always works out that way, isn’t it? That these so-called “fact-checkers,” the absolute fraudulent hacks that they are, always swoop in out of nowhere to run defense for their buddies whenever the Left acts out of line, and the Right actually calls them out for it.

As has been well documented, all of these left-wing movements were as astroturfed as you can get, paid in the millions by the likes of George Soros to roam from city to city and cause trouble wherever it’s needed. This, of course, is proof that the Left is vastly superior to the Right when it comes to mass organizing. But the few times where the Right gets together in a grassroots effort, it’s far larger and far more successful. From the Tea Party to the Trump rallies, and from the March for Life to the Marches for Trump after the 2020 election, including January 6th, and, of course, the Canadian truckers. When we use their tactics and engage in mass organizing and protesting, we devastate them.

Just look at the aftermath of the Canadian trucker protests. Multiple provincial governments, including Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, revoked their various vaccine mandates and other COVID restrictions in the days and weeks following the protest. If this was really about maintaining draconian laws that force people to get a jab in order to keep their job, or forcing them to wear a face-diaper in order to be allowed to go to schools, they would have held the line and kept those policies in place. But they’re not; and we’re seeing a similar mass rescinding of mask and vaccine mandates all across our country as well.

It’s not about restrictions. It’s not about mandates. It’s about the projection of power, and fear is the key tactic to maintaining that projection. But on January 6th, that illusion of our elite being in complete and total control was shattered for a few hours on that glorious day. And in Canada, the facade of Trudeau having an iron fist on his country was destroyed by a few thousand trucks honking their horns all night long. The elites, above all else, have to maintain that perception of power. Normally the mainstream media does it for them, but sometimes an event happens that even the media can’t spin.

And that’s what it’s all about, my friends. The politics of fear, and who is wielding fear most effectively at any given time. They cannot afford, for even a few hours, to be seen in fear of the people that they should be ruling over. They do everything they can to cover up the things that would make the average person so angry that they feel the need to get out and protest: They, and their lapdogs in the media, do nothing but lie, cover up, and obfuscate every single day on the things that matter the most, the things that would make your blood boil like never before. The anti-White racism of Critical Race Theory being forced on our children, the insanity of transgenderism allowing teenage girls to get raped in bathrooms, and of course, the theft of the 2020 election, among other crimes against the American people.

All it takes is a large enough portion of the American population being aware of what they are doing to make a difference. On January 6th, hundreds of thousands of Americans were so aware of the election fraud that they flew out to D.C. to protest it, and a few thousand of them went above and beyond the call of duty to make their displeasure known directly from the halls of Congress. In Canada, tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of protesters were aware enough of the systematic and deliberate suppression of vaccine mandates to do something about it. The best hope the elites have is to violently target and destroy those who are responsible for such acts of mass civil disobedience, in the hopes of discouraging others from doing the same.

But make no mistake, my friends. And I will close on this: They are afraid of us. Even though they have everything in the world on their side and at their disposal: The media, academia, Hollywood, the Deep State, Wall Street and big businesses, Big Tech, the international community and NGOs, and so many others. Even with this gargantuan arsenal…they are still afraid of us, if we act up just enough.

Machiavelli understood that the key to a stable authoritarian nation is when the people are afraid of the government. I would counter that point with this: A country is only truly free when the government is afraid of the people. Thank you very much, and God Bless!

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