Episode #75: 2024 – To Trump or Not to Trump?

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In this episode, Jacob and Eric react to the landslide primary loss of Liz Cheney, and other victories by Trump-endorsed candidates in Wyoming, and also dunk on the absurd new primary system utilized by the state of Alaska, which has produced a chaotic and drawn-out primary reminiscent of third-world countries. They then take a closer look at the cookie-cutter, Chamber of Commerce-funded talking points being espoused by a leading Republican candidate for New Hampshire’s 1st congressional district, as she tries to pretend that she is different from the rest of Generation Z. For the main topic, they debate perhaps the most burning question in current American politics: Should Donald J. Trump run for the presidency once more in 2024? Will he run? And if he runs, can he finally win a second term? They discuss several major factors in a possible Trump 2024 bid, including the alleged feud between him and Governor Ron DeSantis, the potential impact of the FBI’s raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, and more.


00:00 Intro
03:28 Seward’s Folly: The insanity of Alaska’s new primary system
08:13 NeoCon princess Liz Cheney goes down
23:11 Meet Karoline Leavitt (NH-01), the quintessential, cookie-cutter, brain-trust Republican Zoomer
40:52 Main Topic: To Trump or not to Trump


Karoline Leavitt’s cookie-cutter, donor-approved talking points on Steve Bannon’s War Room: https://warroom.org/2022/08/17/warroom-battleground-ep-118-the-truth-about-the-grand-jury-in-atl-cnn-strikes-at-finchem-for-going-after-traitors-emeralds-victory-over-pfizer-ceo-naomi-wolf-on-the-lies-of-pfizer/

Matt Mowers’ establishment stance on national security: https://mattmowers.com/issue/protecting-american-security/ 

Matt Mowers’ establishment stance on voter fraud: https://mattmowers.com/issue/election-integrity/ 

Matt Mowers’ establishment stance on healthcare: https://mattmowers.com/issue/healthcare/ 

Politico blames Trump for lack of Tea Party resurgence: https://www.politico.com/news/2022/08/22/conservative-grassroots-biden-trump-00052983 

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