Episode #80: How to Fix Higher Education Before We’re all Dead

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In this episode, Jacob and Eric recap the results of the final primary contests of 2022 in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, before addressing the ploy by Republican governors to ship illegal aliens to various liberal strongholds such as Martha’s Vineyard; on the same subject of immigration, they discuss a downright racist plan implemented in a German town to forcibly replace native Germans with immigrants. For the main topic, they discuss several concrete proposals as to how the Right can conquer the Left’s stranglehold on academia once and for all.


00:00 Intro
05:05 Primaries Recap
09:04 Dumping trespassers on wealthy libtards’ lawns
22:48 Germans need not apply…in Germany
29:08 Main Topic: A professor’s column on fixing higher ed
42:20 Shampling’s suggested steps to break the academic cabal


Green mayor of German city plans to ban native Germans from applying for one-third of available jobs: https://summit.news/2022/09/23/germany-greens-plan-to-ban-native-germans-from-a-third-of-jobs-to-promote-diversity/ 

CNN op-ed pointing out how Brazilian immigrants replaced American workers in Martha’s Vinyard and throughout Massachusetts: https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/18/opinions/brazilians-marthas-vineyard-immigration-gerson 

A suggestion to Republican officials to fix higher education before we’re all dead: https://wesleyyang.substack.com/p/how-to-fix-what-is-broken-in-academia

A strong state is necessary to secure Free Speech: https://twitter.com/TShampling/status/1524461300306223104 

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