Episode #89: The Long Take – The Twitter Files

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For the second episode of “The Long Take” sub-series, Jacob and Eric review the overall impact of Elon Musk’s Twitter Files, discuss the damage that he has single-handedly managed to do to the Left, and explain how the new pro-Free Speech Twitter is the biggest Whitepill of 2022.


00:00 Intro
05:10 Evaluating Musk’s Takeover of Twitter
16:27 How Twitter Squashed the 2020 October Surprise
23:05 Shadowbanning
27:40 Banning Trump
36:08 When and Why Did the FBI Involve Itself with Twitter?
45:52 Making Sure 2016 Didn’t Happen Again
01:02:39 How the Deep State Coerced Twitter to Carry Out its Agenda


A comprehensive cheatsheet on all 14 Twitter Files thus far: https://stoppingsocialism.com/2023/01/the-twitter-files-comprehensive-summary-analysis-and-discussion-of-ramifications-for-american-institutions/

Twitter employees overwhelmingly donated to Democrats and left-wing causes: https://twitter.com/mtaibbi/status/1598829996264390656/photo/1

Democrats blamed “Russian bots” for the Devin Nunes memo, despite Twitter disagreeing with this assertion: https://twitter.com/mtaibbi/status/1613589031773769739

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